Goats Milk and Oatmeal Bath

If you have dry, itchy and flaky skin then let our goat's milk and oatmeal bath become part of your daily or weekly care routine.  Your skin will feel soft and moisturized after taking a soak in your tub with one of our baths. 

Our bath is made with simple ingredients- old fashioned rolled oats- ground into a powder, goat's milk powder, cucumber oil, castile soap and a fragrance.

Oatmeal and goats milk are both known to hydrate and heal dry skin leaving it moisturized and soft.  Cucumber oil absorbs quickly into the skin and helps to keep your skin's protective barrier strong and may help to improve firmness and elasticity.  Castile is a gentle cleanser, rich in antioxidents and encourages hydration.  The fragrance or essential oils are added to give your bath a luxurious aroma to help you unwind and relax.

Add a scoop to your bath water, step in and let the natural ingredients surround you. Take in the scent that will rise from the water, relax and enjoy your quiet time.
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