PJ's Story

Early in 2021, PJ’s Soaps and Bombs was just an idea of Patrick and Jill Cunningham who wanted to do something different and creative. Jill worked for a major corporation in the Sacramento area of California involved with building Light Rail Vehicles, Locomotives and Passenger Coaches but it was not tapping into her creative side which is one of her passions. Patrick is still working for that same company in the capacity of a Mechanical Engineer which is a bit more creative, however he does have a passion for working with his hands developing and creating unique things. At the beginning of July of 2021 PJ’s Soaps and Bombs officially launched their website to help people to relax and destress at the end of a long day but turning their bathroom into a sanctuary. A place to escape even for just a few moments of time.

A passion project for PJ’s is the Non-Profit group Room Redux who is compassionately dedicated to encouraging healing and improving the lives of children who have faced abuse through Room Transformations. In support of Room Redux PJs, 100% of all sales of the Spend a Buck Buy a Duck to Room Redux Bay Area Chapter to help abused children move forward in their emotional growth.

We are glad you stopped by. Please look around and hopefully you will find the perfect item so that you can turn your bathroom into your sanctuary.


Patrick and Jill

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